My childhood memories arrange and rearrange themselves bisecting what is real and what is imagined; I deconstruct and reconstruct these patterns in my art. Mixing metaphors and whimsy, pictures and designs, I combine images – to open doors to the viewer’s imagination and sometimes make a reflective statement. I strive for intrigue and beauty, order and peace. Patterns are pieces of a quilt or a jigsaw puzzle with a great deal of attention paid to making the pieces fit seamlessly in more of a mosaic than classic overlay collage.

In viewing my art, I hope to conjure to a world of make-believe and intrigue with patterns that mesh and stimulate questions, leaving one to wonder.

William Morris, Louis Comfort Tiffany, the Pre-Raphaelites and other artists of the Arts & Crafts, and Art Nouveau, Art Deco movements of the early 19th century.

A limited number of prints are available using archival pigment ink on archival fine art paper.

To arrange a private preview of any artwork, please contact Rebecca Bahr at (516) 978-0513.

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